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Polymetric Puzzles is a collection of challenges for keyboardists and pianists, focusing on the independence of both hands.  Playing the pieces with each hand separately is rather simple - however when playing hands together, this becomes a difficult challenge.  Much of the difficulty is created through the use of polymeters and polyrhythms, which are explained in detail...

But why "puzzles"? +

The method uses a "puzzle" approach, where you are given a segment of music which you construct into a completed piece.  The puzzle is solved as the piece is performed. Selected solutions are provided.  These are fully written out manuscript consisting of a variety of composed works based upon polymetric patterns. There is a large spectrum of levels within this book - from roughly a one-year level to fairly advanced. The book begins with structured exercises and progresses to more free form approaches to help build your technique for experimentation, improvisation and composition.

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