Real World Examples

Below are some examples which include either polymeters, polyrhythms or both.

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Polymeter – Rhys Chatham – much of the piece is in a 4/4 meter. If you start listening at 5:15 to get oriented to the dominant 4/4, at 5:29 the guitar line plays a series of eighth notes grouped in 3, implying a 3/8 meter simultaneously.

Polyrhythm 3:4 – Chopin

Polyrhythm and implied Polymeter – 2:3 polyrhythm, with the bass drum being in 2 and the synth bass in 3. Another interesting aspect is also a repeating high pitch that can be interpreted simultaneously as either a grouping of 2 or 3 – depending if you align it with either the bass drum (grouping of 3s) or the synth bass (grouping of 2s).

Polyrhythm 3:4 or 2:3 – depending upon which instruments are being aligned.

Polymeter 3:4 –  drums in 4:4 while the band plays in 3:4

 Polyrhythm 3:4- starting at about 1:09

Polymetric 3:4 by Zedd – interesting interactions at :30 and 2:00. Electronic Dance Music (EDM)