News and Latest Developments

Be sure to check out the July 2016 issue of Keyboard Magazine!

There is an interesting article written by Robbie Gennet entitled “Polymetric Puzzles – Expand your skills playing polyrhythms and polymeters”. Check it out here.

Have you found any interesting example usage of polymeters and polyrhythms in music? – May 2016

Please send a link to your examples along with a brief description of your analysis to the author Jeff at These examples will be posted on the Polymetric Puzzles site.

Polymetric Puzzles Performance Contest – February 2016

or the month of February, we are accepting video performances of Polymetric Puzzle pieces.  Get in on the contest while supplies last!  Contest Information

Contest participant Max Dudek – March 2016

has submitted 2 very well played pieces for the Polymetric Puzzles contest! Great Job Max!

Book Signing and Performance – December 5, 2015

Spot Coffee 5330 Main St. Williamsville, NY – Jeff will be performing excerpts from Polymetric Puzzles and talking about the book.  More details at:

Music is Art Festival 2015

Jeff Fineberg will be at the Music is Art Festival at Albright-Knox Art Gallery on Saturday, September 12, giving demonstrations of various pieces in the book. Anyone is welcome to test drive the book as well!!! For more information on the festival, go to:

Polymetric Puzzles is overviewed by Stephen Fortner of Keyboard Magazine

in this article of possible Father’s Day gift ideas…take a look!

Listen to the reasoning behind the book Polymetric Puzzles

Link to Meet the author and watch examples from the book.  Additional videos will be posted in May 2015.

Having difficulties with a particular Polymetric Puzzle?

Feel free to email the author for suggestions at  Also, you can get a head start by trying the solutions in the appendix at the back of the book.

Polymetric Puzzles appeared in the Product Spotlight section of Keyboard Magazine

in the following issues: November 2014, December 2014 and January 2015.  Be sure to get your copy at or wherever Keyboard Magazine is sold.